Summit Developer Overview


A complete wireless surround sound development infrastructure and support system

Hands on help from Summit audio engineers and designers will get your audio components and speakers to market fast. A complete agile design infrastructure accelerates your time to market and gives Summit partners first mover advantage.The Summit team will work with you to design electronics and integrate Summit components into audio/video receivers, game systems, Blue-ray players, TVs and set-top boxes. We help speaker manufacturers create custom designed and tuned wireless speakers with uncompromising audio fidelity.

The building blocks for a complete wireless surround sound design

  • Development kits
  • Schematics & reference designs
  • Transmit & Receive modules
  • API documentation and sample code
  • Speaker tuning tools and support

Design Centers


Create custom crafted sound with your Golden Ears and our precision tools

Summit gives your speaker designers, audio engineers and Golden Ears precision tools to optimize the drivers, enclosures and integrated amplifiers to deliver the exact sound they want. Summit development tools give you unprecedented control over the audio where the signal interacts with the drivers and the enclosure. This level of fine granularity is difficult to duplicate in the analog world.
  • Digital filter variables
  • 3 filter paths per speaker
  • 12 filter coefficients per filter path
  • 10 filter tables provide flexibility to create sound profiles for different source material and listening environments
  • Delay adjustments to time align speakers so the tweeter, mid and woofer deliver unified sound
  • Attenuation to dial-in speaker power requirements

Work with Our Development Partners

Summit wireless authorized and trained development partners can give your brand first mover advantage. Contact us and we'll connect you with Summit authorized developers

Electronic ODMs


Speaker ODMs

GGEC                  Meiloon

Tymphany           Sinar Baja