High Fidelity Unleashed

Uncompromising, Uncompressed, Uninterrupted

The end goal: Exactly reproduce audio from the source by sending the exact digital bits from the source to the speakers.

Uncompressed. Nothing missing. Nothing changed. No distortion.

Summit Wireless audio delivers uncompressed 24-bit audio from the source to the speakers for a dynamic and realistic listening experience. Sample rates up to 96 KHz are supported so even the tiniest details are heard. Improved low and high frequencies for smooth, clean, neutral flat and dynamic sound make the sound as good as it can get for all situations. Uncompromising, Uncompressed, Uninterrupted.

Wireless that works. Flawlessly.

Summit Wireless delivers high quality wireless surround audio without the interference, static, or dropouts common to other wireless audio solutions.

A key challenge for wireless Home Theater audio solutions is to provide sufficient resilience (robustness) to lost audio information caused by:

Competitive wireless audio solutions attempt to address the wireless robustness through a variety of techniques, but typically the added resiliency is provided at the cost of audio fidelity and latency. These systems also operate on the same frequencies as your wireless network impacting your internet speeds. In an age where streaming movies is common, Summit Wireless will not interfere.


High quality wireless data infrastructure for Home Theater

robustness-method-table_2.gifAudio data is transmitted to speakers with no discernible audio artifacts introducedby interference with other wireless devices in the home, or disruptions to the wireless link from movement of people and objects.

Summit Semiconductor has designed the IC with eight overlapping levels of link protection to ensure that the audio played at each speaker enables consumers to experience the richness of surround sound audio.