MyZone Automatic Sweetspot Detection

MyZone effortlessly sets the SweetSpot

The MyZone functionality builds on top of SpeakerFinder to incorporate the listener's actual position in the room mapping process.

With MyZone you have the convenience of setting the sweet spot for your favorite recliner to listen to classical music, and then later resetting it instantly to the sofa for family movie night.

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Instant volume & delay adjustment from your favorite chair

One challenge faced by Home Theater consumers, once they've installed and wired their speakers, is calibrating each of the speaker's channels for volume and delay for the desired listening location.

The volume adjustment is crucial for ensuring that the volume level from each speaker is the same at the listener's position.

The delay is critical to ensure that the sound from each speaker arrives to a
listening position at the desired precise moment. For instance, if the surround speakers are 15 feet further away from the listener than the front speakers, approximately 13 ms of delay should be added to the front speakers.

Point & shoot SweetSpot Calibration

With MyZone, an additional ultrasonic transducer is added to the system remote control.

Sit in your favorite spot. Hold the remote at ear height and press the MyZone button. The ultrasonic transducer in the remote "chirps", and all of the transducers in the speaker network listen and report back to the master the exact time they heard the chirp.

The master uses this data to calculate your position in X,Y space relative to the center speaker to within plus or minus 2 inches.

Your favorite position is stored updated the previously stored location in the room mapping equation. The system is auto-calibrated to the MyZone location upon each subsequent power up until a new MyZone location is set.