Superior Surround Sound Simplified

It all starts with a chip.

FS848 marking small.jpg The Summit Wireless Audio IC is a highly integrated audio solution that sets a new standard for home theater digital audio fidelity and ease of set-up and delivers a premium auditory experience that exceeds comparable wired systems.

The technology was designed to solve Home Theater audio setup and distribution difficulties and delivers innovative features and capabilities:

High Quality Audio: Extracts the highest audio fidelity possible from the speaker drivers and cabinets through programmable filters and crossovers tuneable to each speaker's characteristics.

Ease of Setup: Automatic Home Theater audio setup and single button audio sweet spot location programming.

Robust Wireless Network: Provides a noise free, interference resistant wireless network between the master and up to eight speakers, with 2 ms latency

Scalable from Stereo to 7.1 Surround Sound: Summit sound is designed for compatibility. Add  speakers and components with Summit technology anytime. Just look for the Summit logo.


"I attended a personal demonstration of the Summit chip at Summit Semiconductor's Hillsboro, OR offices and was impressed with their well-thought-out approach and the versatility of the technology." 

- John Sunier Audiophile Audition


Summit wireless superior surround sound simplified