SpeakerFinder Automates Surround Sound Set Up

SpeakerFinder - Automatic speaker discovery

transducer_small_5.jpgSpeakerFinder uses 40 KHz ultrasonic transducers integrated in the speakers to automatically map the location of each speaker in the room. At power up (or with a host processor command), the master module requests each speaker to sequentially "chirp" its ultrasonic transducer in a round-robin fashion.


Put the speakers where you want. We'll do the rest. Automatically.

When one speaker chirps, the others listen. The system the deterministically determines exactly when they heard the chirp, and wirelessly report the information back to the master system.

In turn, each of the remaining speakers chirp, and the master builds a cube of data that has the time-of-flight information between all of the speakers. Through mathematical algorithms, the Summit Wireless chip calculates the angle and distance between all of the speakers to within plus/minus 2 inch accuracy.

It only takes a second to get perfectly calibrated surround sound

perfect-calibrate.jpgIn addition to automatic channel assignment, these speaker coordinates can be used to adjust audio delay and volume per channel to compensate for location and distance of the speakers relative to the listener and to each other. If desired, the audio delay (up to 40 ms delay) can be handled internally in each of the slave modules to program a sweetspot directly in between the two surround speakers.

The coordinates can be sent from the Summit Wireless master chip to a Home Theater decoder DSP that can adjust the audio delay and phasing based on the precise speaker placement information provided by SpeakerFinder.